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in two story structures.

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Picking the right garage for you

When selecting your garage, consider what you are going to be using it for.  Our one car garages are typically 10 feet wide and 12 feet long, perfect for the average car.


Not sure of what size garage you'll need?  Bring your car or truck down to one of our lots in Loysville, Carisle and pull in to one of our displays.


If you are planning on larger vehicles, such as farm equipment, trucks, or boats, you will need a larger garage. Our experts will be happy to help you figure out what size you'll need.

Built with 18 years of experience in Amish craftsmanship

Protect your car

When looking at adding storage space, you may want to consider adding a detached garage.  We offer one, two, or three car garages in a variety of styles that are fully customizable.


Do you feel you'll need more storage space in your garage for your  belongings?  We can build the garage with an extra floor!  Take a look at what our two story garages have.

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