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Choosing the right roof for you

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Selecting your exterior color

Once you've decided on the size of your structure, the next step is to decide on an exterior color.  We offer a wide range of colors for wood and vinyl siding


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• Pressure treated wood porch - no railing

• Pressure treated wood porch - with vinyl railing

• 20" flower box

• 24" flower box

• 36" flower box

• Vinyl end vents

• High roof pitch (7 1/2 pitch)

• 1 foot wood gable or long wall overhang

• Extra diamond plate

Exterior options:

• Pressure treated wood porch - with railing

• 4 or 6 foot vinyl railing

• Wood corners

• Traditional vinyl siding

• Ridge vents

• Wood end vents

• Reverse gable

• 1 foot vinyl gable overhang

• 1 foot vinyl long wall overhang 

Extra doors:

• 36" Single wood door

• 4' or 6' Double wood door

• Wood Dutch door/concessions stands

• Solid painted double door

• Dutch corners

• Round top wood single door

• 3' Fiberglass door with hardware 

• 42" Single wood door

• 5" Double wood door

• 8' Double wood door

• Wider or higher doors

• Solid painted single door

• Round top wood double door

• 3' Fiberglass door with window

Window options:

• 18x27 Slider

• 24x27 Slider

• 24x27 Insulated

• 30" Round top

• 38" Round top

• Octagon

• Bubble skylights

• 18x36 Slider

• 24x36 Slider

• 24x36 Insulated

• 32" Round top

• 39" Round top

• Transom

• No windows 

Additional options:

Once you've selected the exterior paint and roof for your structure, you can look at the various options we have to further customize your new building specifically to your needs.


We offer a wide range of additional modifications including lofts, cupolas, weather vanes, interior painting, extra flooring, and more.  Take a look at just some of the options we can provide you below:

Extra flooring:

• 12" On center joists and center pressure

  treated joists

• Pressure treated joists and plywood

• Double floor

• Insulated floor

• Extra 4x4 skids

• 6 or 12 inch raised walls

Lofts and cupolas:

• 2x6 Loft

• 2x8 Loft

• 2x10 Loft

• 2x12 Loft

• Larger lofts available upon request

• Wood or vinyl cupola

• Weather vane

Garage Garage Metal roofing Paint colors

While the paints we use are designed specifically for sheds and built to stand up to rain and snow, it may fade in time and need to be repainted every five to seven years.

After you've selected the color for the outside of your structure, you'll want to choose a roof.  We offer shingles (standard three tab or classic architectural) and tin roofs (not available for all sheds).


The standard shingles appear to be flatter than architectural shingles when on the structure.  Our standard shingles come with a 20 year warranty and the architectural shingles come with a 30 year warranty.


When you are choosing a color for your roof, consider the color of your home and if you want it to blend in or contrast sharply.